TETTO tall

Designed by H.Miura with h concept

TETTO tall is an umbrella stand that completely hides your umbrellas.
The built-in bar allows you to hang your wet umbrellas. ensuring a tidy storage space.

Product specification

Product size: Approx. W17.1XD12.1XH96.3cm

product weight Approx. 4.2kg


Body: powder-coated bondelized steel

Tray: polypropylene with 25% recycled content

Bar: natural wood, hook: stainless steel

Individual packaging size: Approx. W19XD14XH98.6cm

Individual packaging Weight: Approx. 4.9kg

\18,500(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 2pieces

Made in Japan

TETTO tall gray

Product code:UB-275-100-5
JANcode: 4904771 766058

TETTO tall white

Product code:UB-275-100-7
JANcode: 4904771 765976

Use image
  • Store your umbrellas by hanging them on the bar. You can hang up to 8 umbrellas by alternating the directions they face.
    By using an attached hook, you can hang folding umbrella as well.
    The product's slim figure conceals your umbrellas completely hinding them from the side.
    Great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Make sure to line the product against the wall or corner for stability. It will take up less space too!
  • Remove the bottom tray to dispose of the collected water.