Squeegee mini

Designed by A.Sunaguchi with h concept

Squeegee mini is useful for removing water drops from the narrow spaces in your bathroom and washroom.
If you use it, you can easily keep the bathroom dry and prevent water stains and mildew.
It's designed to hang on your towel bar so that it takes up little space when not in use.

Product specification

Product size: Approx. W5.8XD15XH1.2cm

product weight: Approx. 63g

Material: silicon rubber, Heatproof temperature : 180 degrees

Individual Packaging size : Approx. W9XD31XH2.1cm
Individual packaging weight: Approx. 67g

\1,200(Tax excluded) Quantity by carton 40pieces

Made in China

Squeegee mini warmblue

warm blue
Product code: CL-665-602-3
JAN code: 4904771 111414

Squeegee mini warmgray

warm gray
Product code: CL-665-602-5
JAN code: 4904771 111421

Squeegee mini warmwhite

warm white
Product code: CL-665-602-7
JAN code: 4904771 111438

Squeegee mini yellow

product code: CL-665-602-8
JAN code: 4904771 111445

Use image

It's handy and useful for removing water drops from the coners of your sink.

You can quickly clean up your foggy bathroom mirror.

You can hang it on your towel bar and it takes up little space.