tidy collection

LivingBasket [Useful basket for storing daily products]
\6,800(Tax excluded)
RollCleaner medium
RollCleaner medium [Stylish lint roller]
2 colors
\4,800(Tax excluded)
Floorwipe Stand
Floorwipe Stand [Dedicated stand for the Floorwipe]
\3,500(Tax excluded)
RollCleaner Stand
RollCleaner Stand [Dedicated stand for RollCleaner medium]
2 colors
\4,000(Tax excluded)
S Hook
S Hook [Convenient hook for hanging products]
4 colors
S Hook \500(Tax excluded)
Platawa for Bottle
Platawa for Bottle [Brush for portable mug bottle]
4 colors
\600(Tax excluded)
WashCloth [Cleaning cloth fot bathroom and sink]
\800(Tax excluded)
Plantable [Pot tray with casters]

3 colors
Plantable・Large\4,500(Tax excluded)
Plantable\3,600(Tax excluded)
Squeegee mini
Squeegee mini [Water drop remover for narrow spaces]
4 colors
\1,200(Tax excluded)

Sweep [Broom&Dustpan]
3 colors
\3,600(Tax excluded)
handy Sponge
HandySponge [Bathtub cleaning sponge]
\1,300(Tax excluded)
Bath Sponge
BathSponge [Bathtub cleaning sponge]
\1,700(Tax excluded)

Clip [Clip for kitchen towels, gloves]
3 colors
\500(Tax excluded)
Rug Fukin
RugFukin [Place mat/Wiping mat]
6 colors
\600(Tax excluded)
Hold [Holder for Kitchen Items]
3 colors
\400(Tax excluded)

Border Sponge
BorderSponge [Sponge for dishwashing]
3 colors
\330(Tax excluded)
Platawa for Kitchen
Platawa for Kitchen [Multi-purpose brush for kitchen]
3 colors
\350(Tax excluded)
Platawa for Bath
Platawa for Bath [Brush for bathroom floor]
4 colors
\500(Tax excluded)

Platawa for toilet
Platawa for toilet [Simple and compact brush for toilet]
3 colors
\1,000(Tax excluded)
Squeegee [Water drop remover]
4 colors
\2,000(Tax excluded)
Dapper [Simple and convenient broom and dustpan set]
4 colors
\2,800(Tax excluded)

Kop Handy Mop
KopHandyMop [Hand duster with a cup-shaped holder]
4 colors
\2,500(Tax excluded)
Kop Roll Cleaner
KopRollCleaner [Lint roller with a cup-shaped holder]
4 colors
\2,500(Tax excluded)
Floorwipe [Stylish floor mop made of natural wood]
2 colors
\6,300(Tax excluded)

Bucket [Bucket used for a wide variety of purposes]
4 colors
\1,800(Tax excluded)
Mgnet Keyper
MagnetKeyper [Magnetic key holder]
2 colors
\1,800(Tax excluded)
Door Stop
DoorStop [Convenient and stylish doorstopper]
9 colors
\4,000(Tax excluded)

TETTO [Simple yet functional umbrella stand]
2 colors
\15,000(Tax excluded)
TETTO mini
TETTO mini [Small and convenient umbrella stand]
2 colors
\12,000(Tax excluded)
TETTO tall
TETTO tall [Umbrella stand that completely hides umbrella]
2 colors
\18,500(Tax excluded)

arietta [simple yet stylish umbrella stand]
\35,000(Tax excluded)
Shiba Rug
ShibaRug [Chic colored artificial turf]
5 colors
\1,600(Tax excluded)
Shiba Mat
ShibaMat [Chic colored doormat]
3 colors
\2,500(Tax excluded)