Platawa for toilet

Designed by J.Yawata with h concept

Platawa for toilet is a simple and compact brush for your toilet.
The brush bends and fits well to any curved suface of a toilet bowl and you can reach and clean up difficult to reach places thoroughly.
The brush dries quickly and is easy to clean.

Product specification

Product size: Approx. diameter9.2XH38cm

Product weight: Approx. 160g


Cup case: polypropylene, Grip: polypropylene

Brush: Special brended polyethylene resin Sprush guard: polyethylene

Individual package size: Approx. W15XD9.3XH42cm
Individual packaging weight: Approx. 170g

\1,000(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 20pieces

Made in Japan

Platawa for toilet brown

Product code: CL-665-520-4
JAN code: 4904771 105215

Platawa for toilet white

Product code: CL-666-520-7
JAN code: 4904771 105222

Platawa for toilet bluegreen

Product code: CL-665-520-9
JAN code: 4904771 105239

Feature of Platawa for Toilet
  1. The handle is designed to be easy to grip and the brush is strong and durable so you can scrub as thoroughly asyou wish.
  2. The guard on the handle for protecting from sprushes also serves as a covering in the holder.
  3. You can easily remove dirt from the toilet bowl rim with the long and short bristles.
  4. The brush does not touch the bottom of the holder and you can keep it dry and clean.
Use image

With a brash that bends along the shape of the toilet bowl, even the back of the rim of the toilet seat.

When placed in a special case closed the lid, you can clean and storage.