PlaTawa for kitchen plus

Designed by J.Yawata with h concept

PlaTawa for kitchen is a uniquely shaped multi-purpose brush, convenient for use in the kitchen. It's useful for cleaning colanders and drain baskets etc. and scrubbing root vegetables. It's soft and fits well to any curved surface.

Product specification

Product size: Approx. W10.1XD10.1XH1.2cm

Product weight Approx. 20g


Brush: specal brended polyethylene resin, Heatproof temperature : 60 degrees

Individual packaging size: Approx. W14XD15XH1.3cm
Individual packaging weight: Approx. 32g

\350(Tax excluded) Quantity by carton 10piecesX6

Made in Japan

PlaTawa for kitche  lightgreen

Product code: CL-665-502-1
JAN code: 4904771 110257

PlaTawa for kitchen gray

Product code: CL-665-502-5
JAN code: 4904771 110264

PlaTawa for kitchen white

Product code: CL-665-502-7
JAN code: 4904771 110271

PlaTawa for kitchen yellow

Product code: CL-665-502-8
JAN code: 4904771 110288

Use image

For colanders and drain baskets.

For root vegetables.

For graters.

For drain boards.