Kop Roll Cleaner

Designed by H.Miura with h concept

Kop Roll Cleaner is a lint roller that comes with a cup-shaped holder.
It blends in nicely with your home's interior, making it easy to keep handy.

Product specificationn

Product sise: Approx. 9.2cm in diameter X H22cm

Product weight: Approx. 260g(Including an adhesive tape)


Cup case:ABS

Roller: nylon, Grip: natural wood

Individual packaging size: Approx. W9.3XD9.3XH22.4cm
Individual packaging weight: Approx. 320g

\2,500(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton 10pieces

Made in Japan

Kop Roll Cleaner Spare

Product specification

Kop Roll Cleaner spare tape(2pieces)

Individual packaging size: Approx. W11.5XD5.5XH11.5cm

Individual packaging weight: Approx. 178g

Product size: Inner diameter Approx. 3.8Xwidth8cm

product weight: 87g

Material base material: paper Adhesive: synthetic rubber

Product code: CL-665-110-0

JANcode: 4904771 783307

\700(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton 20packs

Kop Roll Cleaner winered

Product code: CL-665-100-2
JANcode: 4904771 101156

Kop Roll Cleaner brown

Product code: CL-665-100-4
JANcode: 4904771 783703

Kop Roll Cleaner white

Product code: CL-665-100-7
JANcode: 4904771 783277

Kop Roll Cleaner bluegreen

Product code: CL-665-100-9
JANcode: 4904771 101163

Use image

The fashionable handle is made of wood and slightly inclined, forming an easy-to-use shape.
It's perfect for removing dust from clothing, carpet, and furniture fabric.

The adhesive tape comes in elegant printed designes.
It is easy to cut and peel of, making the Roll cleaner very simple to use.
Please rotate the tape the way the bird flies in the illustration.
It's compatible with other brands of tapes of the same dimensions.