Kop Handy Mop

Designed by H.Miura with h concept

Kop handy Mop is a hand duster with a cup-shaped holder. In its case, it can be placed anywhere in your home for convenience of use.
It picks up dust without the aid of chemicals, simply wash and it's ready for use again.

Product specificaion

Product size: Approx. 8cm in diameterXH29.5cm

Product weight: Approx. 150g


Cup case: ABS

Grip: natural wood

Mop bristle: Cosmotron(Polyester100%)

Individual packaging size: Approx. W8.1XD8.1XH30cm
Individual packaging weight: Approx. 210g

\2,500(Tax excluded) Quantity per package 10pieces

Made in Japan

Kop Handy Mop spare

Product specification

Kop handy Mop spare mop bristle

Individual packaging size: Approx. W15XD3XH20cm

Individual packaging Weight: approx. 48g

Product size: Approx. W13.5XD5XH21cm

Product weight: Approx. 40g

Material: Cosmotron(polyester100%)

Product code: CL-665-210-0

JANcode:4904771 816906

\1,000(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton 20packs

Kop handy Mop winered

Product code: CL-665-200-2
JANcode: 4904771 101170

Kop Handy Mop brown

Product code: CL-665-200-4
JANcode: 4904771 816708

Kop Handy Mop white

Product code: CL-665-200-7
JANcode: 4904771 816807

Kop Handy Mop bluegreen

Product code:CL-665-200-9
JANcode: 4904771 101187

Use image

Removing and replacing the bristles is a snap. If the bristle get dirty, please wash them.
Spare bristles are also available for purchase.

The grip is made of the wood. Place casually on any surface, and be ready to clean at anytime.
The soft, fine bristles get dust out of those hard-to-clean places.