Designed by H.Miura with h concept

*Floorwipe is a stylish floor mop made of natural wood.
It's a perfect fit for your floor, allowing you to remove dust evevn from tight space, and its beautiful design will blend well with the interior and flooring of your home.

Product specification

Product size: Approx. W26XD9.5XH102cm

Product weight: Approx. 430g


Head: special blended elastomer Base, Grip: natural wood

Rod, Hinge: stainless steel

Individual packaging size: Approx. W10.5XD4XH112.5cm
Individual packaging weight: Approx. 620g

\6,300(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton 10pieces

Made in Japan

Floorwipe brown

Product code:CL-665-300-0
JANcode:4904771 817002

Floorwipe brown

Product code:CL-665-300-7
JANcode:4904771 111322

How to use Floorwipe

1.Detach the rubber plate from the wooden part of the product and wrap the plate with a commercially available duster.

2.Affix the wooden part to the corresponding indentation of the plate and push it so that the duster is attached.

Use image

The grip and head are made of wonderfully fine natural wood, and its modest weight allows you to clean with minimaleffort.
It can fit under furniture and other narrow spaces.

You can attach wiping clothes without having to pinch them on.
Can be used with any available wiping clothes.