floor roll cleaner

Designed by H.Miura with h concept

Floor roll Cleanr is a lint roller for carpets. Its handle is made of natural wood.
Its beautiful design will blend well with the interior of your home.

Product specification

Body size: Approx. W17.5XD8XH97cm

Body weight: Approx. 450g(Including associated tape)


Handle: natural wood

Pipe・shaft: stainless steel

Roller: polypropilene

Tape/base material: paper Adhesive: synthetic rubber

Product code: CL-665-700-0

JANcode: 4904771 102108

Package size: Approx. W18.5XD8XH98cm
Weight: (Including package)Approx. 760g

\4,800(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 10pieces

Use image

It's used for removing dust and hair etc, from carpets.

It's compatible with other brands of tapes of the same dimensions.