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Bath sponge is used for cleaning your bathtub. It is light and easy to use. It removes dirt from your bathtub thoroughly.
For its simple design, you can store it in your bathroom neatry.

Product specification

Product size: Approx. 12cm in diameter X 46.7cm

Product weight: Approx. 148g


Handle: AS resin, Head: polyethylene

Sponge: Uncoated urethane foam, polyester, Heatproof temperature : 60 degrees

Individual packaging size: Approx. 14.0XH10.5X49.0cm
Individual packaging weight: Approx. 176g

Product code: CL-666-310-8

JANcode: 4904771 110486

\1,700(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 10pieces

Made in Japan

Bathsponge spare

Product specification

BathSponge spare

Product size: Diameter of approx. 12XH2.7cm

Product weight: Approx. 13g

Material: uncoated uretane foam, polyester

Individual packaging size: Approx. W17XD2.7XH17cm

Individual packaging weight: 15g

Product code: CL-666-321-0

JANcode: 4904771 108650

\600(Tax excluding) Quantity per carton: 10piecesx6

Feature of BathSponge

1.The handle is adjustable and the sponge can reach any curved surface well.

2.Micro Brush has stiff bristles which are tough enough to scrub thoroughly.

3.It fits well to curved surface of your bathtub and removes calcium deposits and scum.