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Privacy policy

Our Company, when handling personal information, to identify the purpose of use, only in the extent necessary to achieve the objectives, and properly handling.

Our company, handling personal information to recognize the legal responsibility and social responsibility as a company, in all of the business activities of our company, and disseminate to laws and regulations and other regulations regarding personal information are complied with.

Our company, organizational structure to promote the protection of personal information, by education and awareness-raising and information security measures for all employees, we will continue to ensure the proper and safe handling of personal information in all of the business of the Company. In addition, in order to properly carry out the provision of smooth service, if we deposit the collected personal information to a third party, it will fulfill its management oversight responsibility by such contract. Unless imperative your consent, we will not provide the collected personal information to third parties.

Our Company will review a series of activities related to the protection of personal information on a regular basis. As a result, we will continue to improve the management and operation for the protection of personal information.

Februaly 2 2006
Teramoto corporation ltd,
President Nobushige Teramoto